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Sach-/Betriebs- und Technische Versicherung
Property, machinery and equipment insurance

Protect your assets and business downtime in the event of unexpected emergencies (natural disasters, technical failures, human factors).

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Bau- und Montageversicherung
Building and installation insurance

Construction and assembly insurance fully protects the investor, the general contractor and its subcontractors, as well as the designer against insurance perils to which the work under construction, site equipment or surrounding property is exposed.

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Liability insurance

Damage to health or property may be caused to a third party in the course of your activities. It is therefore a good idea to be insured to prevent possible consequences.

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Versicherung von klinischen Studien
Clinical trial insurance

HDI is one of the few insurers on the Czech market to offer this insurance in full compliance with the requirements of the law, as a combined liability and personal insurance.

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Transport insurance

If you export goods abroad or just transport them in the Czech Republic, our products will help you in many ways.

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International programmes
International programmes

Companies that operate abroad need a partner with international experience! Thanks to our international background, we are able to offer you this experience.

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